Activities in Biscayne National Park

How we spend our time is deeply influenced by where we live. Luckily for residents at Onda,
Biscayne Bay and Biscayne National Park provide the backdrop of a tropical vacation for daily
life at these Bay Harbor condos currently for sale. Biscayne National Park is a protected
geographic treasure that is 95% water, making it the perfect place to ride, fish, and snorkel. It’s
made up of four ecosystems and provides the home for animals and plant life that are not
found anywhere else in the country. It’s a place for play, relaxation, and a deep connection to
the wonder and nature of beauty, and its magic will follow you through your days at Onda as
its glistening waters complement the serenity of your home.

A quick jet ski after work is just a click away when you contact the team at South Beach Jet
Ski Rental and Pontoon Ride. Speed through the waters with the dolphins and take in the rich
culture and architecture along the bay where culture and nature meet. You can also book a
pontoon ride for yet another way to enjoy the water. The Parasailing Experience in Biscayne
Bay is a next-level adventure that everyone should have on their bucket list. You’ll be strapped
in beneath a billowing sail that will take you 400 feet above the city, offering views of the bay
and the town as you’ve never seen them before.

The City Cruise to Millionaires’ Homes and Venetian Islands is a tourist favorite and a
repeatable treat for locals. The cruise is a great way to relax on a boat that allows waterside
views of some of the most beautiful and culturally and historically rich homes in the city. You’ll
catch a glimpse of homes of celebrities like Gloria Estefan and Puff Daddy, slide up alongside
Star Island, and enjoy a lunch of fresh-caught fish to end your trip with a meal as lavish as the

Of course, you can always head to a bayside restaurant any day of the week, and with the
likes of The Surf Club Restaurant and Carpaccio Restaurant so close to your Bay Harbor
Islands home, you won’t need to look any further to make a night of it too. The Surf Club
Restaurant channels the swinging vibe of 1950s/60s jet-set culture while featuring stellar
meals by Chef Thomas Keller like Grilled Ora King Salmon and European Sea Bass, anchored
by a highly impressive wine list.

Meanwhile, the vibe at Carpaccio Restaurant, located at the Bal Harbour Shops, provides
another elegant option, complete with palm trees, whether you’re in the middle of a retail
adventure or simply craving one of their homemade pizza sandwiches or an expertly
prepared Agnolotti del Magnifico. The delicious bounty of nearby Carpaccio is just another
way that the condos for sale at Onda offer a life deeply tied to the water and its beauty.
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