Surfing the Art: The Creative Side of the Bay

The streets of Miami are awash with art — from exhilarating works by emerging Florida artists to the adored Art Deco buildings that line the beachfronts. And at Onda Residences, you’re never far from a masterpiece. Here’s our guide to the creative side of Miami.


There’s so much mind-blowing art in the Wynwood neighborhood, it’s quite literally spilling out onto the streets. One of the best places to appreciate Wynwood’s off-the-scale street art is at the Wynwood Walls, an outdoor gallery featuring more than 35 works by world-renowned artists, including Shepard Fairey, Invader, and Kenny Scharf.

Little Haiti

Neighboring Wynwood may be better known, but Little Haiti is something of an indie arts haven. Streets are festooned with murals telling the stories of the many Haitians who have made Miami their home; the Little Haiti Cultural Complex hosts Haitian art and folk dancing; and there are some great commercial galleries, including Laundromat Art Space and Tranter-Sinni Gallery.

Pérez Art Museum

The Herzog & de Meuron-designed Pérez Art Museum brims with works by everyone from the Mexican fresco painter and muralist Diego Rivera to contemporary Icelandic-Danish sculptor Olafur Eliasson. Among its current exhibitions is “Allied with Power,” a selection of African and African diaspora art taken from the museum’s collection and curated to represent “a kaleidoscope of voices.”

Art Deco District

Miami wouldn’t be Miami without its slew of Art Deco buildings. Find your architectural feet at the Art Deco Museum — while you’re there, you’ll also get a crash course in the Mediterranean Revival and Miami Modern (MiMo) styles. Then, get out and about by joining an Art Deco walking tour, where you’ll be whisked through a delicious assortment of hotels and houses crafted in that familiar combination of geometric shapes and pastel shades.

Vizcaya Museum

The Italianate Vizcaya Museum & Gardens offers art at an altogether different pace. Here, you can wander leisurely through the historic waterfront mansion and admire Rococo ceilings, marble busts, and Wedgwood vases. Outside, the 10 acres of gardens, landscaped with parterres, constitute a monumental and singular work of art.

Art Basel (Dec. 2-4)

You can binge on art this December with the return of Art Basel in Miami Beach — the art fair where works by 20th century masters rub shoulders with freshly composed creations. This is a great chance to fall in love with art that’s also for sale — and take something special back to your Bay Harbor Islands condo.